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Storefront links shop owners and brands

Storefront, a California based startup, has set up a digital platform where upon brands can connect with retail space owners for short term rentals. This site wishes to create exchanges between brands and retail space owners in order to develop pop-up stores around the world. This initiative equally allows small brands and entrepreneurs to become [...]

Storefront, the Airbnb for pop-up stores
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Is smoking seductive? The answer lies on Tinder!

ASH Organization, an American anti-smoking association, uses Tinder for its awareness campaign. All studies show that the majority of smokers start smoking at a young age, with an average first cigarette age between 11 and 12, just when college starts. Most awareness campaigns target pre-teens and young people. But it is equally important to address [...]

Tinder used to raise awareness against smoking
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Youtube is in pole position!

The website, Media Bistro has created a ranking list of the most popular brands on Twitter. And it is not the blue birded social network that comes out in first place but @YouTube with more than 40million followers. 1. YouTube (@YouTube, 40,952,108 followers) 2. Instagram (@instagram, 31,749,156) 3. Twitter (@twitter, 29,729,815) 4. CNN Breaking News [...]

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Students have created a game concept for runners

In Germany, students from Miami Ad School Europe have created a new type of experience for runners. “Nike+ Game Vision” is an increased reality game using Google Glass and Nike+. This innovative game concept presents a fun sporty obstacle course and gives an idea of what the world of sport could become when linked with [...]

A running game made real with Google Glass and Nike+
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By using geolocation, you can avoid running into certain people

This new app, put under the spotlight thanks to Time,  uses geolocation technology from different social networks to pinpoint your contacts (thanks to their posts) on a map, therefore giving you the opportunity to avoid them. If the people whom you wish to avoid post regularly on social networks, this app could potentially be incredibly useful. [...]

Cloak, the app that prevents you from running into your ex!
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Clever use of Tinder to fight AIDS

The AIDS Task Force, an association that fights against AIDS, had the ingenious idea of using Tinder as preventative media. For those that do not know, Tinder is a dating social network that allows mobile users who are attracted to one another to talk, to be precise, this is called a “match”. As a result, [...]

The AIDS Task Force takes preventative measures on Tinder
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A game on Instagram where the scenario changes depending on the tags selected

The children’s book publisher Macmillan has found a new way to use Instagram photo tags to promote the teenage book “Thirteen”. The editor created a game that plunges the user into the story where he can choose what he wants to do by clicking on the tag of his choice. Each image puts forwards tags [...]

Macmillan innovates on Instagram
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LinkedIn is going to give all members the opportunity to publish articles

Currently, LinkedIn provides some influencers with a feature that allows them to post articles on the social network. Influencers include Richard Branson, Barack Obama and even Bill Gates. This opportunity will soon be available to all members of the network, and not only to political or mediatised figures. LinkedIn presents this professional blogging tool as [...]

LinkedIn turn their attention towards content
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The brand wishes to develop in China through the increasingly popular application

For London Fashion Week, Burberry demonstrated once again that it was part of the latest cutting edge technology. The brand launched a partnership with WeChat, one of the most popular messaging platforms in China. This device allowed users to obtain exclusive information, audio descriptions about the looks, backstage photos and personalise certain Burberry pieces.

Burberry teams up with WeChat
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Connected objects are showcased at the Mobile World Congress: Samsung announces the launch of their two new connected watches, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. But one question remains on the minds of women who are technology fans: when will a brand launch a smart watch that is “aesthetically feminine”? Today, first day of [...]

#MWC: Creoir creates the first connected jeweled watch
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The brand launches its Social Media Guard!

One of the biggest advertising trends of the moment is to encourage people . Who better than Coca-Cola, a brand who focuses their positioning around happiness, sharing and friendliness, to give us this message? The soda brand has just launched their “Social Media Guard” and announces this as if it were something revolutionary, in a [...]

Coca-Cola attacks social network addicts
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Discover the new trends in webdesign according to Vanksen's creative team

Vanksen’s creative team brings you 10 predictions for trends in webdesign for the year 2014.   The year 2014, in web design, will focus on mobility. Internet users are increasingly consulting websites whilst on the go using their smartphones, tablets and even phablets… This mobility considerably influences the behavior of users (quick reading, small screens, [...]

10 Webdesign Trends for 2014
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Take the test !

Refuse to admit you are a Facebook addict ? Want to convince people that you are not ? Take the test with this online tool from Techland (Time magazine’s technologic blog) and find out how much time you have wasted on Facebook since you signed up. So, how much time did you “waste” ? Some [...]

How much time have you wasted on Facebook ?
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The beer brand proposes a series of paradoxical videos entitled ‘If we made it’.

The beer brand Newcastle finds it ridiculous that millions need to be spent for a Super Bowl advert. They created a series of paradoxical videos entitled ‘If we made it’ which make fun of the clichés found in the Super Bowl adverts still produced to this day. The main video, ‘The Mega Huge Football Game [...]

Newcastle make fun of the Super Bowl adverts
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A popup store where clients can only pay with tweets!

In order for the brand to be spoken about on social networks, Marc Jacobs is opening today a popup store during New York fashion week where only tweets will be accepted as payment and not dollars! Fashionistas can only pay through the hashtag #MJDaisyChain on different social networks (Twitter but also Facebook and Instagram) from [...]

Marc Jacobs is opening a “Tweet Shop”
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