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In 2009, Google introduced a new indexing method for AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) websites. A recommendation which is no longer valid, as the company announced on its official blog, on October 14th. Google and AJAX indexing in 2009 All AJAX-generated URLs contain a hash mark which is visible in the address bar of your web [...]

Google changes its mind on AJAX indexing
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John Berryhill, a US lawyer that is specialised in intellectual property and very active in the domain name industry, recently wrote an article about the misadventure of a photographer in USA.[1] It all started with a professional photographer, who registered a domain name in the newly created extension .photo, which she then used to develop [...]

Don’t forget to validate your Data or your Domain Name will be suspended
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When working on a multilingual (available in multiple languages) or multiregional (targeting multiple countries) website, a lot of SEO questions are raised: how is it possible to address different markets and still provide each of them with relevant content? What actions can be undertaken in order to ensure a good SEO performance on each market? [...]

6 SEO guidelines for multilingual or multiregional websites
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A website’s address, called a domain name, ends with an extension: the TLD (Top Level Domain). Initially designed to be generic, simple and few in numbers, we now register more than a thousand of them. What are the new uses that this growth implies? The current situation « .com », « .fr », « », « .de », all these TLDs [...]

Domain names: triggering new opportunities & a new web landscape?
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What you should know

When the domain name system was introduced in the middle of the 80s, every domain name could only include any letter of the standard Latin alphabet from a to z, any number from 0 to 9 as well as hyphens, provided that the chosen name didn’t start nor end with a hyphen. The first domain [...]

Domain names with diacritical signs and non-Latin characters
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  When you register a domain name, your domain name provider requests you to provide some personal data such as your address, phone number and e-mail address.  Your provider on his side has to include some of these data in a publicly accessible database commonly called “Whois”.  This database is intended to allow anyone to [...]

Domain name and privacy
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Google Pigeon is an update of Google’s algorithm, which aims to improve the way local search data is processed. Launched in the USA a year ago, this update was also launched in France and internationally at the beginning of June. Let’s have a look at the impact that this evolution will have on your local [...]

Google Pigeon: local SEO is changing. Are you ready for the adjustments?
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Interview with Duncan Wardle, Disney's VP, Creative inc.

You may be one of the 70 million people who, as of last week, saw Disney’s latest video campaign ‘Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers’. In a shopping Mall, the shadows of passing shoppers were transformed into the silhouettes of Disney characters. In front of the magic shop “Umbra Penumbra” (which was installed by Disney), Goofy, Mickey, [...]

Awaken your inner child with Disney
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If you connect a machine such as a computer, a smartphone, a printer and even a television or a game console, an id number is allocated to that machine. That number is called an IP address, which consists in either 4 numbers separated by “.” signs (e.g. or, since more recently, in some hexadecimal [...]

Domain Names: A Bit of History
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Besides .com and .uk there currently exist more than 650 domain name extensions and this number will keep increasing for the next months and years. So many extensions give professional and individual registrants a larger choice but may also create some confusion. Let’s try to understand how these extensions work. gTLDs et ccTLDs There are [...]

Your Domain Name: Which Extension?
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Tinder for professionals

Dating platforms are constantly evolving: from Meetic to the now trendy Tinder, they adapt to the habits of individuals and nowadays heavily rely on mobility, instantaneousness and extremely accurate targeting. For some time now we have seen dating sites and applications mix dating and professional networks. Rather contradictory no? Not so much if you believe [...]

LinkedUp: flirt with your LinkedIn contacts
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The Picture House: the new generation pop-up store

Instagram photos have already proven that they have market value, but how much are they really worth? They most recently helped to raise money to fight against cancer and today you are now able to… treat yourself to dinner. Pay with an Instagram photo: the concept of The Picture House pop-up restaurant in London. You [...]

Pay your bill using an Instagram photo
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Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube

With the latest changes to Facebook and more recently Twitter who have redesigned user profile pages, it is important to stay informed about image sizes on social networks. Uploaded photos, profile pictures, cover photos… the dimensions of these images evolves with the most recent updates. Here is a little reminder of the dimensions for the [...]

The size of images on social networks
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Decrypting a phenomenon that continues to evolve

Often considered as inglorious due to its egocentric nature, the selfie trend which started in 2013 still sees internet users shamelessly posting their most beautiful self-portraits. The countries most fond of this trend are without a doubt the Philippines, the USA and Malaysia. Taken mostly by young people, the codes of this photo change from [...]

Selfie, the inexhaustive trend
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Storefront links shop owners and brands

Storefront, a California based startup, has set up a digital platform where upon brands can connect with retail space owners for short term rentals. This site wishes to create exchanges between brands and retail space owners in order to develop pop-up stores around the world. This initiative equally allows small brands and entrepreneurs to become [...]

Storefront, the Airbnb for pop-up stores
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