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Thanks to Spain, Devs Score Free jQuery eBook!

Here’s some clever promotional thinking: to drum up sales for its web development books, SitePoint used the World Cup’s elimination process to assign discounts to different titles, then gave one away for free. How it worked: every country at a certain level in the games was assigned a book. And based on how matches went, [...]

SitePoint Weds Book Promos to World Cup Winnings
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Recognizing 'Transformational Force' in Business, Finance, Tech

The Financial Times partnered with ArcelorMittal to recognize the quality of boldness across businesses from around the world. Journalists from drew up the shortlist, following criteria defined thus: “Judges looked beyond individual acts or decisions and sought to assess the overall record of companies and entrepreneurs in areas such as innovation, corporate responsibility and [...]

The FT/ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards Shortlist
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Unveil more than just a simple resume

In the context of the economic crisis and the era of the third millennium, to find a job, a simple written cover letter has become basically obsolete, as we had discussed pertaining the multiplication of video CVs. Using your contacts no longer only necessitates making a few phone calls and sending a few e-mails. Today, [...]

Brazen Careerist: An Umpteenth Professional Network?
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Top French companies still underestimate social tools

Twitter, that web application that falls in the category between a blog and instant messenger, is in a serious democratization phase. Already having 5 million users (according to Hubspot), 5 to 10,000 new accounts are being created every day. Simple, free and accessible to all, Twitter enjoyed phenomenal growth in 2008, over 758%! A number [...]

The CAC 40 Companies Absent From Twitter
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Together, maximize your savings on shipping costs!

Recently, we talked about all the creative ideas that have been able to profit from the context of the present economic crisis. This concept works, and does not cease to develop. The last creative idea launched on the Web is by Borderlinx, the worldwide supplier of innovative e-commerce management solutions. Borderlinx allows American retailers to [...]

Borderlinx: The More You Are, The More You Get!
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And definitely not a sight for sore ones...

The American sports network ESPN recently launched a decidedly offbeat form of communication in order to capture the attention of Singapore’s media. The idea was to impress people with the amazing image quality of their new cameras (which render even the tiniest on-screen details clearly visible). These cameras happen to be wildly popular with a [...]

ESPN: truly eye-catching communication (Singapore)
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