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Designer Breaks Down Benefits of Both

We’ve discussed how Mattel’s courting vloggers of the future with its spankin’ new Barbie Video Girl (retail: $50, complete with editing software!), but creative mind Brandon Bloch put the product to the test with a video entitled, “Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video.” For your reference, the Canon EOS 7D retails for about $1800. What follows [...]

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What If It Happened Near You?

As oil continues to gush fancy-free out of the BP spigot, biologists and toxicologists are beginning to speculate what the long-term effects may be on marine life and on ourselves. You can probably already imagine the long-term potential for toxic chemicals to build up in fish, the animals that eat them and us, but according [...] Personalizes BP Debacle
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Will the Internet Proffer an Answer?

The other day, Gaël Clouzard of emailed us this picture under the following header: “It’s awful and you know why? …because it’s beautiful.” There might be something to seeing something artistic, even tragically provocative, about the ongoing BP crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not as if it’s getting any better. Scientists now [...]

BP Oil Spill Imagery Takes Viral Turn
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Would it Change Your Littering Habits?

Clever use of context here. To illustrate how we impose on the environments of other living things with our needless litter, the Plastic Pollution Coalition of Vancouver draped giant plastic six-pack rings over pieces of art all over the city. Classy work by agency Rethink. Let’s hope they don’t choke any bears. Cut those rings [...]

…And if Plastic Rings Ornamented Your Landscape…?
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"Every time you fly you knock a polar bear off a cloud"

These days, we talk a lot about global warming. Mother London agency has just created a viral video for Planestupid that shows the consequences of this phenomenon in a very shocking way: the agency makes polar bears fall from the sky… The equation migt be a quite a shortcut (the weight of your carbon emissions [...]

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The ethical, responsible and sustainable marketing revolution

Contagious has recently published an exclusive report entitled “Goodvertising: The ethical, responsible and sustainable marketing revolution”. According to Contagious, people and companies are currently reevaluating their priorities. They are looking for more transparency in the domain of communal, social and environmental responsibility. The community of marketers is acting to spread this ethical movement more widely. [...]

Goodvertising: The Advertising Model Of The Future?
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A WWF campaign raises debate and creates bad buzz

DDB Brazil has apologized for their controversial campaign for the WWF, repeating that the “end of the world” montage in the print and video campaign was not intended to hurt Americans’ feelings and definitely not based around a subject as painful as September 11th. For detractors of this campaign, these apologies are not enough to [...]

DDB Apologizes For Controversial “9/11″ Ad
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The illustrated consequences of global warming

Global warming? Scientists talk to us about it, but it is difficult to believe in it and to imagine the consequences of such a massive phenomenon. WWF Germany created this street marketing action to remind us that global warming is real and that time to find a solution is running out. To show this, the [...]

WWF: 1000 Melting People
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Guard your health, driving can kill you!

Following the “Smoking Kills” warnings printed on packs of cigarettes in numerous European countries since 2005, the blogger Copenhagenize suggests a creative billboard that would apply the same concept to cars! The man advises against the use of automobiles through his own customizations of advertisements by large car companies. He goes even further by suggesting [...]

Drive Or Die
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Simple and efficient ambient marketing to save energy

In order to raise awareness of global warming and the environment,, an organization that lobbies for rainforest preservation, has created an original sticker. Developed by the Zoopropaganda Basila society, this sticker is destined to be sent to schools and corporations. It is meant to be put over light switches, as shown in the photo [...]

A Sticker to Reduce Global Warming
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Creative ambient marketing to save an endangered species

In order to spread an environmental message, Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa has created a nice ambient marketing campaign. The agency stuck stickers on the inside of a shark tank at an aquarium. The visitors could only see the back of the stickers, making it seem as if the warning on them was for the [...]

Warning To Sharks: Humans Are Dangerous!
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Become a fan to support a good cause

“HOME” is one of the most surprising films of the year. It is a film whose objective is to make us conscious that the earth is in danger, meaning that we are as well. A worthy successor to Al Gore‘s film, An Inconvenient Truth, HOME has chosen a very particular way of making itself known. [...]

Yann Arthus Bertrand’s Film HOME Launched on Facebook
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How to use dust and dirt to push a message

Greenpeace Poland has just launched a very interesting guerrilla marketing campaign. In order to attract the attention of passers-by, the environmental protection organization has used the omnipresent dust and dirt in big cities to promote a message of ecological preservation: “Żyją w brudzie, znikną wkrótce.” (“Lives in dirt, will disappear soon“). This operation uses very [...]

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The BBC hopes you can do some good this holiday season

It’s true, the world doesn’t seem to be in its best moment: the weather’s bad, the days are almost as short as they can get, and we might be on the verge of an economic meltdown. In spite of the bad news, let’s not forget that it’s the holiday season!!! We will soon be able [...]

Save the Animals Christmas Song
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Take him by the hand

A few days ago, Internet users in Canada got a new Web treat: Energuy. Energuy was created to give Canadians a little test of their eco-smarts. The website was created for Quebec’s AEE (Agence de l’Economie Energétique de Québec). The educational game invites you to find (before time runs out) all the household items that [...]

Test Your Eco-Smarts with Energuy!
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