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Bloody Game—the Blood Donation Wheel of Fortune

The French Blood Service puts some humor on the web
  Posted on 29 September 2008
  by Mathieu Picault

Around the world, blood banks are suffering from a very significant shortage of blood donors. The French Blood Service (EFS) is no exception. Any method that gets people to donate blood is worth trying. Especially if it creates a bit of buzz!

It’s in this spirit that the marketing agency Vanksen|Culture-Buzz and the EFS have decided to launch “the Bloody Game!” campaign. With the following viral video, the EFS shows, with humor, that blood donation is not a game, but rather that people’s lives depend on it. The video is in French, but is worth checking out just to get a feel for how Vanksen|Culture-Buzz and the EFS have decided to get their message across. The premise of “the Bloody Game” is that an ER doctor becomes a “Bloody Game” contestant, looking for the blood he needs to save the lives of 3 accident victims. He wins 10 bags of O- blood, but his victims don’t need O-. The game show host sends him off the set and tells him better luck next week and invites the viewers to sign-up for the game. The final message is: “Blood donation isn’t a game. Only 4% of French people donate blood. Help us create change.

This is an original way to target youth as they are very receptive to humorous messages. The video is available at a blood donation site dedicated to the young public:

This isn’t the first time that successfull blood donation campaigns have created buzz. Below are two ambient marketing operations for the Australian Red Cross:

…and two viral videos, the first for a blood bank, the second for the Australian Red Cross:

Some of you might think that it’s inappropriate to talk so lightly of such a serious topic. However, humor helps us pass on many messages. While we’re on the topic: give life, donate blood!




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