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Going to the pictures? Carlsberg fills the room with freaky bikers

« This is going to be cosy »
  Posted on 23 September 2011
  by Jennifer Manez

What would you do if you had 148 bikers staring at you as you walk in the cinema and realize there are only two available seats right there in the middle of the “Easy rider” parade? This funny experience realized in Belgium shows us that a lot of couples walk in, and back out ! Of course, some of them are braver than others and walk cautiously through the tattooed crowd to get to their seat, but let’s face it: they seem pretty uneasy…

But the most awkward moment is when the girl has the guts to go and is stopped by her boyfriend (a bit embarrassing for the poor guy, or perhaps was he trying to protect her?)
And for the few who manage to get there, it’s lights camera action with a bottle of Carlsberg and all the bikers laughing and clapping!
“That calls for a Carlsberg”: the message is simple and brought up successfully with a nice little joke. This reminds me of another funny beer brand experience that turned out to be a great success:Heineken’s sneaky trick on the night of the UEFA Champions League game Real Madrid vs AC Milan , a must-see for football fanatics.

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