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I pin, you pin, Vanksen pins !

Pinterest, the latest social media success
  Posted on 26 March 2012
  by Jennifer Manez

You’ve probably heard about it, you might even have tried it, but what is Pinterest exactly?

Launched in 2010, this social network (While some might think “What? Another one?” others will be happy to spend even more time “getting social”) is based on a very simple principle: pin photos and videos that we like on different boards and share them with our friends.

Time to update your web vocabulary! From now on people pin! After liking and tweeting, it’s all about pinning and repining, the question now is how are you going to make the most of each social network.

Pinterest is also the story of an amazing growth: from  418 000 unique visitors in May 2011 to more than 11 716 000 users in January 2012! There are more than 1.36 million visitors every day, mainly women (around 68%). Another very interesting figure: the average time spent on Pinterest is superior to 15 minutes (in comparison, it’s 12 minutes for Facebook). I recommend you take a look at the Very Pinteresting infographics for more stats.

Ok so now we know the site is becoming more and more popular, is it actually of any use for firms? Thanks to Pinterest, not only can you pin your creations, but also your lifestyle! And that’s where it gets interesting for brands.

Relying on the “I want it”, “I need it” or “I like it” principles, you pin what you like: a good way to share your values ! The fact that there are no ads is also very much appreciated by the users…even though you do have the possibility to show your products and add their price! And when you know that the traffic generated by Pinterest is superior to the ones of Youtube, Linkedin and Google+ put together, it’s worth checking it out ;)

A first Marketing campaign has been launched on the network by Lands’End Canvas who gave the opportunity to consumers to pin or repin their posts on a “Pin it to win it” board to win one of the 10 gift cards worth $250! The results were amazing: more than 200 boards created with 10 to 20 pictures on each of them…can you just imagine the viral effect on the products of the brand, and all that for free !

One thing’s sure, we’re pinning! Check out our pins here ;)

Translated from the French post “Je pin, tu pin, Vanksen pin !” written by Justine and posted on March 1st , 2012

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