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It’s the Breast Fest Film Fest!

Whip Out Those Dancing Shoes and Uneven Bras
  Posted on 12 November 2010
  by Angela Natividad

Rethink Breast Cancer is orchestrating something called the Breast Fest Film Fest. For the opportunity to score $1500 and a trip to Toronto to screen their work, users around the world turned in shorts about breast cancer.

Not the somber tales you remember. Here’s one that feels curiously Glee:

But even if Breast Cancer: The Musical doesn’t interest you, its means of dissemination might. This is a screenshot of the site on which it appeared:

Click on the video at right for the kicker.

Clever! You know you dug that.

Aaanywho, if you happen to be in the area, catch the Breast Fest Film Fest, and the winning work, between November 19-21 at the Royal Ontario Museum. It promises to be more entertaining, more colourful and warm, than dire.

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