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Home Under Your Fingertips, That Is
  Posted on 17 December 2010
  by Angela Natividad

We’re living in the so-called age of curation. And that’s great, because starting another for-pleasure blog becomes one more thankless full-time job, given time or the demands users start making on you if you ever get big.

That’s why we’re so keen on (, which launched in private beta a few weeks ago. See demo vid:

I’ve been fooling around with it and have managed to start curating three subjects, fed every two or three days (give or take): Non-Terrestrial Life, Social Storytelling, and Advancements in Light, AR Tech.

How this differs from an offering like Pearltrees: your curated media is automatically put into a format, making it pleasant and easy to read, skim and share. All you have to do is grab the link to a piece of content related to your topic, be it a Tweet, YouTube video or link, and automatically grabs the title, imagery and first few sentences. (You can edit all of this for clarity or to explain its pertinence to your topic, too.)

Based on keywords you input when you first create a topic, it will also crawl social/news sites and recommend content for you to post. (Your topic followers can also recommend material easily.) The process becomes more intelligent as you refine keywords, accept or refuse certain material. And as there’s no Flash, it’s ultra light and accessible from Apple mobile devices like iPhone or iPad. (They’re working on apps for those, though.) is promising. With scale and backing, anybody can create the next niche HuffPo. But I like it mainly because of its intuitiveness (I don’t have to baby-sit it like a blog, or spend too much time learning how it works), its speed and the responsiveness of the devs behind the platform.

If you want to give it a go, shoot me an email – angela [dot] natividad [at] gmail [dot] com – and I’ll send you an invite.

3 answers

Manu on 22 December 2010 at 16:38

“scoop” nice name, in germany that is a snack bar. listen well, no fast food restaurant like mc donalds.
but also informative to read, what scoop else can be.

Tom N on 16 February 2011 at 20:39 while perhaps a viable niche concept will be difficult for Americans to take seriously because that domaine name is more aptly used to describe what responsible dog owners are supposed to do.

Plumbing Oak Lawn IL on 23 November 2011 at 12:02

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