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Skoda Fabia: Made from Meaner Stuff

(Slightly Meaner than Cake Decorators, Anyway)
  Posted on 15 November 2010
  by Angela Natividad

For its Fabia model, Skoda’s making a complete 180° on depictions of its componentry.

You might remember that yummy 2007 ad in which a group of concentric chefs build a full-size Skoda cake out of edible car parts, all to the tune of Julie Andrews’ gay and sunny My Favorite Things. That was yummy, wasn’t it? Indeed.

This bad-boy is infinitely less so. Under the tagline “Made of Meaner Stuff,” a series of mad scientists and super villain-esque type folk take on building a Fabia Mad Max-style, with laser eyes, snake venom, bile and rage-face.

In the background, a dark gothic cover of its 2007 theme song (more or less), My Favorite Things, hisses in the background. When the welding is over the car’s given a nice rough poke, to which it rears forward and growls in all its colossal booger-green majesty.

The piece started doing the rounds of the UK earlier this month.

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