our skills and competencies

communication strategy 

We help you define your brand’s priorities and develop efficient tools to evaluate your campaign’s performance by assisting you in making the right choice and organizing each step of your communication strategy.

  • Analyzing and defining your brand: Market analysis, brand platform definition or repositioning in order to develop or strengthen the identity and values of your brand.
  • Creating your online and offline communication plans: Creative concepts that involve traditional media and alternative media in order to optimize your media return on investment (ROI).
  • Promotion and event campaigns : Teaser campaigns, launch events, point of sale promotional campaigns, TV spots, press releases, website creation, animation and the creation of online communities.

media strategy: 1.0 or 2.0? 

Do you need to be present on the Internet or in magazines? Without any other ideology than your Return On Investment, we collaboratively define the media strategy that best suits your brand.

  • Integrated marketing: Which media is right for you? The so-called “360°” approach which consists of systematically using all existing media is not necessarily always the only solution. Together, with you, we choose actions as well as innovative online and offline media strategies to ensure continuity and consistency for your brand.
  • Organic or sponsored SEO strategy: implementation of a natural and/or sponsored visibility strategy mixing keyword selection , keyword buying, performance monitoring and site optimization.
  • Social networks : Nowadays you cannot avoid social media if you wish to create or redefine a link between your brand and your target consumer. We help you build an interpersonal marketing strategy on an annual basis for this particular type of media.

visibility strategy - domain name management 

The domain name remains the main entrance to your website. In order to protect your brand from any type of misappropriation, domain name protection and management is necessary. The process is the following:

  • Domain name portfolio audit
  • Domain name portfolio centralization and management
  • Domain name registration
  • Domain name monitoring on a regular basis
  • Domain name consulting and domain name recovery when the latter is being squatted

    benchmark & audit 

    We conduct studies, analyses and comparisons of the best strategies in your industry. We can also help you evaluate the performances of your current strategy.

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