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natural (SEO) and sponsored (SEA) visibility in search engines 

The use of these powerful tools guarantees an interesting Return On Investment when it comes to your online activity. Over the last eight years, we have developed an internal platform which corresponds exactly to our clients’ needs. This allows them to access all the pertinent information they need in order to measure both their own position, as well as, their main online competitors’ position. Using these clear and intuitive tools our Clients can analyze their website’s visibility on different depth levels; that is to say on which topics, through which keywords, in which search engines etc.

Vanksen offers its Clients two complementary services:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)—natural visibility: Semantic analysis, benchmark, technical optimization, content editing, popularity development
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)—sponsored visibility: Managing sponsored link campaigns, optimizing advertisements and budgets in real time

media plan 

Based on your objectives, deadlines and budget, Vanksen identifies the best strategies in terms of impact and cost per contact.

  • Managing online & offline media campaigns and tactical media (Banners, Facebook, Seeding Video, Google ads etc.)
  • Optimizing investment (Testing, Tracking andReporting)
  • Email

    viral and 2.0 marketing 

    Word-of-mouth allows for amplifying the results of your communication. It keeps your brand and its products alive even after the promotion and media sales phase is over. Since 2002, Vanksen has been investing in Viral Marketing, Virtual Communities and in the Blogosphere.

    Thanks to our BuzzParadise platform, our teams can rely on a database of 9000+ bloggers in over 12 countries, to guarantee that your campaign spreads rapidly.

    • Imagining “Viral” mechanisms
    • Street & guerrilla marketing
    • Broadcasting videos with a guaranteed number of views
    • PR & blogger relations
    • Sponsored posts

    Vanksen, partner of Google 

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