Looking for an agency to protect your brands online? Choose Vanksen

It might be one of the least known jobs on the web, but it’s certainly one of the most important.

With over 15 years of experience, delivering high-quality brand monitoring and protection is a long-standing expertise of our agency.

Acting as guardians of the gate for many online brands, our agency's experts in Online Brand Protection monitor how your brand names are being used online and ensure they are being used appropriately.

Do you plan to expand to new markets? Are you starting out in another sector? Is your brand name too ordinary and do you feel it needs to be more unique? Do you wish to add value to a brand portfolio online?

Getting your domain name right is a determining factor in your brand’s success, especially in the context of a territorial strategy or a business development plan.

Our agency’s IP experts offer clients a selection of protective services:

  • Online brand monitoring & protection
    • Sponsored links monitoring, legal proceedings if abusive use is detected
    • Domain name recovery, legal proceedings if necessary.
  • Domain name strategy
    • Domain name audit
    • Domain names portfolio management
    • Proactive domain name registration

Monitoring of (new) available extensions