Online reputation


Vanksen helps you manage and monitor your online reputation, get to grips with social insights and confront challenges in times of reputational crises.

  • The web is a platform for conversation.

Mastering your own media channels and communication initiatives is one thing, but how can you know what's being said about you in real-time, outside of your community? Our agency’s e-reputation experts are here to help you truly confront, understand, and use your online reputation to make informed decisions for your brand.

Online monitoring works by listening to your audiences to better understand them and their needs, as well as identifying any concerns that they may have expressed online.

With the use of monitoring tools, our agency’s online reputation experts crawl websites, blogs, forums and social media, analysing users’ conversations to dig out what matters to your business. For our experts, these “weak signals” can bring meaningful insights regarding your online reputation. Whether a trend is emerging or a new crisis is afoot, Vanksen's digital watchmen are on the lookout for even the tiniest change.

Carrying out online reputational audits, ad hoc reports, daily monitoring, alerting, community mapping, identifying conversational knots, detecting insights, crisis guidance, impact measurement, and Influencer selection are amongst the many tools our agency's experts have at their disposal.