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How we enhanced the user experience and redesigned the administration of a phone operator’s website to provide a powerful commercial hub and boost sales

TANGO (PROXIMUS group) is the leading alternative telecom operator in Luxembourg, offering TV, internet, fixed-line, and mobile services. Tango has been present in the market since 1998. 
Already, 276,000 customers trust them. 

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The challenge

Tango's website was using outdated technologies. The need was to redesign the current website on more modern, scalable technologies, adapted to e-commerce needs and a better mobile experience, with enhanced integration of client services and APIs for a smoother user experience.

The project and its results

Our Development, UX, Design and SEO teams collaborated synergistically to deliver a platform with an intuitive design and a simplified content management.

We adopted a phased approach, covering mobile, internet, and television, cart management, as well as email and marketing tool management.

For each of these domains, we implemented three distinct phases:

  1. Definition of needs and drafting of functional and technical specifications following the implementation of technical and functional workshops
  2. UX and Design: modeling user journeys based on quantitative and qualitative studies conducted by our UX and data teams. Definition of interfaces with a funnel-centric approach to optimize conversion using a mobile-first approach
  3. Technical: development of a highly scalable and secure solution, based on a decoupled architecture. The technological choice was Strapi, a high-performance headless CMS for marketing content management, complemented by Sylius for e-commerce process management, ensuring efficient workflow automation. Front-end development was carried out using the modern React Next.js framework, enabling extensive customization and increased adaptability to the customer's specific needs.  
    This tripartite architecture, clearly dividing responsibilities between three specialized applications, guarantees maximum flexibility and uncompromising scalability.

To ensure effective coordination, in addition to project management, we provided a profile of external project owner to directly support Tango internally, particularly on the following tasks: 

  • Gathering and supporting the definition of business needs among different teams. 
  • Defining the evolution needs of internal services consumed by the application. 
  • Modeling new internal processes related to the creation and maintenance of the new platform.
  • Coordinating the testing and content integration phases. 
  • Creating a backlog of evolutions for the "run" phase.