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Vivescia group

How we implemented a global strategic support plan for a cooperative cereal group to evolve its social media strategy and maximize the impact of its communications

VIVESCIA is one of France's leading cereal cooperative groups, dedicated to caring for the grain from the field to the plate.

The challenge

Faced with changing legislation on agricultural practices, the VIVESCIA Group called on Vanksen to amplify the impact of its communications with multiple targets. It was necessary to continue building a differentiating positioning to stand out from the crowd.

The project and its results

Following a workshop, a global strategic social media recommendation was drawn up in line with the Group's objectives. Weekly exchanges between our teams and the VIVESCIA teams provide regular support in terms of both strategic and creative advice, enabling operational teams to consolidate and deploy campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X), as well as evolve their editorial line by reaching the right audiences with the right messages.

0new subscribers (all networks combined) April 2024 vs. April 2023

0%average engagement rate on LinkedIn (April 2024 vs. April 2023 - Average for all industries: 2.21%)

0creative assets imagined and produced by us in 1 year

In parallel, we consolidated a dedicated monthly performance report to analyze results from their social media ecosystem. And in order to ensure more impactful communication, a social media graphic charter has been drawn up in line with the Group's DNA, so as to be more visible and recognizable at a glance on social media. 

Throughout the year, VIVESCIA teams also entrust us with the task of developing social media communication plans to relay the industry's highlights and key events that punctuate the seasons (Salon de l'Agriculture, harvests, renowned fairs, etc.). An Employee Advocacy strategy has been set up to help the Group capitalize on in-house ambassadors through turnkey content and a training session. The Social Listening teams are also called upon at key moments to analyze the visibility and media coverage of a news item from the Group or one of its subsidiaries, by means of spin-off reports. This enables them to measure the impact of news events and improve their communications strategy accordingly.