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.asia: updated application and auction lists


DotAsia has updated the list of .asia domain applications (view application list). The new list includes .asia domains submitted during SR2b, SR2c and SR3 phases. Amid the 30,000 .asia applications, short domains (between 1 and 3 characters) and numeric domains (,, etc.) have been hugely requested.

Meanwhile, the Pioneer Domains Program has been occurring. This period has been subdivided into 5 categories: initially Community Pioneers, Global Brand Pioneers and Partner Pioneers, then Celebrity Pioneers and Social Pioneers.

For applicants with intellectual property rights, the follow-up of .asia applications is consequently much more complicated, but necessary in order to react rapidly in case of infringing domain names. The .asia registry has adopted a dispute resolution policy, which allows complainants to submit their case to WIPO.

"Fortunately", an auction process is set in case of several applications for a same domain name (view auction list). A few bids already exceeded thousands of dollars (see table below). Thus auctions appear as a way to solve conflicts, whether or not you own rights. The current auctions related to priority registration period will give a foretaste of the Landrush phase, starting 20th February 2008 and opened to any entity located in Asia.

Top 10 .asia auctions USD $20,501 USD $7,600 USD $5,700 USD $5,400 USD $5,200 USD $5,100 USD $5,100 USD $5,100 USD $4,100 USD $4,100
source: DotAsia (2008.02.10)
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