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Cybersquatters taken to court


A very interesting article written in the Washington Post by Brian Krebs speaks about how the well known PC maker Dell has taken to court several Domain registrars, allegedly profiting from the exploitation of nearly 1,100 confusingly similar domain names to earn millions of dollars.The domain registrars BelgiumDomains, CapitolDomains, and DomainDoorman, as well as what Dell claims are nearly a dozen Caribbean shell companies, allegedly served as the entities registering the domains.

These registrars have built a network to exploit and benefit from "domain tasting". This practice is made possible by a policy of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It consists in testing a large number of domain names with pay per click content for 5 days without paying them, and then keeping only the domain names that drive traffic.

In fact the most interesting infringing domain names are never released because the different registrars involved in the trick automatically reserved them again and again without paying for them and still profiting from the revenues from pay per click ads...

The novelty in this case is that Dell has also filed counterfeiting charges against the registrars, meaning that typosquatting would be an act of counterfeiting.

This is very encouraging knowing the volume of domain names concerned by this phenomemon. There would be more than 50 million domains registered and hold by cybersquatters worldwide...

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