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Dot-asia: Pioneer Domains Program starts


In order to encourage expansion of .asia website content, DotAsia launches today the Pioneer Domains program, a parallel opening phase to the official .asia start (read our article "Trademarks : .asia calendar"). The application deadline is fixed for 31st August 2007.

The registry offers .asia domain names:

  • containing generic words  (see prospective list of generic terms), opened to any individuals, companies and organisations suiting to eligibility criteria.
  • containing well-known brands, restricted to holders of trademark registered at least in one country of DotAsia community and in several countries or regions.

The .asia domain applications are submitted to eligibility criteria. English words can be proposed, as well as Romaji (transcription of Japanese terms in Latin characters) and other language transcriptions, because IDNs are not supported yet.

However, there are several barriers for the submission of .asia domain proposals:

  • set-up of a web project (concept, look and feel, content...) especially designed for the .asia domain name
  • heavy application form: explaination of the domain name interest for the community, description of the marketing use, business plan, operational capabilities.
  • marketing deposit: $10 000 for each domain name, however returned to all concerned applicants once the domain name is attributed.

A challenge process will be set for this program, in case of complaint by trademark holders. Therefore, we strongly recommend the surveillance of .asia domain name applications submitted during the Pioneer Domains program.

To be continued...

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