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.hk : Launching of IDNs


HKIRC, the authority for the .hk domain names, has opened the registration of .hk in Chinese ideograms. The launching of .hk IDNs (International Domain Names) concerns several  extensions, such as .hk, .公司.hk (for and .網絡.hk (for

The registration of .hk IDNs has begun by a Soft Launch Period starting from 28 September 2006 to 7 March 2007 and divided into 3 phases:

  • Priority registration (28th September to 10th November 2006): .hk IDN can be registered by holders of trademark registered in Hong Kong.
  • Pre-registration (4th December 2006 to 5th January 2007): .hk domain name owners who have registered their .hk domain names before 15 September 2006 can register the .hk IDN.
  • Sunrise (29th January to 9th February 2007): .hk IDN registration will be opened to public. The .hk will be attributed randomly when there will be more than one applications for the same domain name.

On 8th March 2007, the registration will be opened to all the entities and allocated on the principle of first came first served.

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