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The .me event calendar


The registry recently announced the different phases of .me registrations (read our previous article ".me and you? be ready for Montenegro domain names!"). The schedule appears to be similar to .asia launch. However, a Montegrin Sunrise will be first set up and restricted to Montegrin entities. Thus Trademark holders may be preceded by local companies and residents.

.me schedule

Date Phase Description
May 1-May 6 Montenegrin Sunrise only Montenegrin entities are eligible to registration an auction will be set up if they are several applications for a domain
May 6-May 20 General Sunrise registration will be probably opened to intellectual property holders
May 20-June 6 Quiet Period 5-day or 7-day Sunrise auctions for domains that received several applications during Montegrin Sunrise and General Sunrise
June 6-June 26 Landrush registration opened to local and foreign companies and individuals
June 26-July 15 Quiet Period 5-day or 7-day Landrush auctions for domains that received several applications
July 17 Open Registration domains allocated on first-come, first-served basis
September 2008 (forecast) "Premium Names" auctions auctions for highly desired domains. These premium names are generic words and phrases commonly used.
source : NIC.ME
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