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American Airlines reveals its mobile website


The US airline company chooses .com instead .mobi to enhance its mobile web services. With 1.6 million visits on each day, the company opted to exploit the popularity of its website and the easiness of typing and memorizing its domain name. Indeed, is much more customer-friendly than the registered domain! Moreover, .mobi does not allow registration of one and two letter domains. Dot-mobi domains must be at least three characters in length.

According to American Airlines, customers can book and check in for flights and schedules via web-enable devices (mobile phones, PDAs, etc.). The mobile site also allow travelers to use their devices to get information on weather and destination cities. When web users are accessing via cell phones, they are automatically directed to the mobile version of the site, whose content and design are suited for navigation on a mobile device.

Companies may develop more mobile-suited websites with the growing number of WiFi hotspots, which expands the web mobile market. The big part of the WiFi hotspots are currently located in the US and Europe. However, the highest growth of WiFi hotspots is expected to be in Pacific Asia, particularly China.

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