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Are .eu ready?


Be ready for the first registration day of .eu domain names! The competition is going to be fierce on 7th December 2005, at the first sunrise period day of .eu domain name registration!

The attribution rule is going to be "first arrived, first served", so it's highly recommended to be prepared to provide the forms correctly filed as soon as possible.

Indeed, if the same brand is present in different EU countries for different classes, it will be the first demand arrived at PWC Belgium that will be treated. Then the first in the line has 40 days to provide the folder with all the eligibility requirements. If one of the requirements is not right, you'll lose your place in the line. And do not forget that Xmas will arrive soon after the opening!

Another point: the requests from the accredited registrars will be at the rate of 1/sec, to give the same chance to all the different EU countries. So, some big companies have decided to give themselves the maximum chances to achieve their registration by submitting their .eu domain demand to several registrars.

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