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.cr domains: TLDs opening continues...


Launching TLDs is very trendy... and costly! NIC-Costa Rica recently announced the opening of second-level domain names ( Until now, registration was opened for third-level domain names (,, etc.).

A 90-day priority registration period will be set, and restricted to holders of third-level domain names. If several applications have been submitted for a same domain name, that domain name will be attributed on the first-come, first-served basis.

After this priority phase, any entity would be able to register .cr domain names, if they fulfill the registry requirements. At this day, registration of third-level domain names is opened to local and foreign companies as well as individuals. Despite these light rules, there are only 7140 .cr domain names as of February, 11th 2008. I think that the launch of .cr domain names will not increase much more interest for this extension...

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