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Domain backwording: industry moves towards a new lucrative niche


Have you ever tried to read a reversed text? In fact, this skill would be useful to feel friendly with reversed domain names! Backwording describes backward domain names (e.g : -> This term has been used by Logistik Labs within the framework of the upcoming launch of their reversed domain platform.

Maybe the expansion of this niche market should increase interest in developing other reversed web services, such as reversed search engines (Google has already registered since 2000) or reversed advertising. Palindromes (e.g : kayak, pop, level) should really be advantaged in this case.

For intellectual property holders, it would be more difficult to recover reversed domain name registered around their brands, particularly if no website content is associated. An example of hijacked domain name is Barak Obama reversed domain(, whose website content is related to the Republican John McCain!

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