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eBay: auction platform for domain names?


If you are looking for a laptop on eBay, you can narrow your results by selecting Computers & Networking. Then appears a sub-category named Other Hardware & Services where you will find ... domain names for sale! Some eBayers dare to specify domain shipping costs.

Domain auctions on eBay concern by far .com domain names (93%). Domains for sale are frequently related to porn industry ( and often exploit events (US primaries and caucuses 2008,

Moreover, a lot of domain names are infringing rights: celebrities are targeted (, and trademarks are cybersquatted (,,, including ironically eBay brands (,,

Results for 'Domain names' category on (10/01/08):
.com 3220
.net 65
.org 17
other 160
total 3462

Domain bids start from $0.01 ( up to million dollars and some domain names are sold by package. Below a few examples of bids:, $1,125,000.00 $1,500,000.00, $2,000,000.00 $20,999,000.00 / .de / .info $2,500,000.00 $50,000.00

Thus the leading auction platform seems to attract not only good counterfeiters, but also cybersquatters...

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