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Google better ranked than Baidu for search quality


Though Baidu is the search engine of choice in China (57% of the market), Google is better rated by Chinese internet users for the quality of the engine results. This survey was conducted by China Intelliconsulting Corporation.

Indeed, 48% of Chinese web users consider Google to provide more accurate pages whereas 39,8% of them rank higher Baidu. However, most of these internet users prefer Baidu due to its Chinese nationality (source: vnunet).

The selection of the search engine is crucial for the success of online advertising campaigns, depending especially on location and size of the web audience. In fact, China's internet advertising market has been valued RMB 1,366 billion (EUR 133 milion) on first quarter 2007 (source: Analysys International).

China's online advertising market on 1st quarter 2007
According to Analysys International data
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