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Google sued for abusive blacklisting


After the blacklisting of the German BMW website last month by Google, which generated a lot of reactions in the Internet community, the famous search engine is again in the forefront of the News with this time web site filing complaint against Google. is an american Web site devoted to information about children. It says it was dropped from Google's index a year ago without warning.

KinderStart alleges Google has engaged in anticompetitive behavior
and misled the public by positioning its search engine as an objective
source for finding Internet content. The case aims at Google's heart -
its tightly guarded formula for ranking web sites.
KinderStart's lawsuit alleges Google's policing efforts (against Black hat practices) have penalized Web sites that have done nothing wrong. To make matters worse, the suit alleges the banished sites can't determine how they can restore their standings because the company doesn't explain its actions.

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