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ICANN ends RegisterFly accreditation


On March 16th, ICANN announced that Registerfly is required to make all necessary to transfer out domain names currently managed. Starting March 31st, the world domain name authority will not allow longer Registerfly to operate as accredited registrar (notice of termination).

Registrar obligation failures

In fact, ICANN had received a large number of complaints about the registrar Registerfly, which was accredited in October 2004. The complainants were domain name owners, but also other registrars and employees of the own company.

Registerfly has been accused of domain name mishandling, causing harm for its customers. According to ICANN, the registrar had failed in:

  • renewing customer domain names
  • providing authorization code and unlocking the domain names
  • maintaining up-to-date the domain name databases for the customers

ICANN had also reported intentional alteration of WHOIS data, inexplicable disappearance of domain names from customer accounts (notice of breach).

Towards a reform of the ICANN accreditation policy

The registration accreditation policy will be discussed during the meeting organized by ICANN in Lisbon on 26-30 March. This question will probably be oriented in the direction of tighter eligibility conditions for accreditation. The meeting schedule will also include aslo intellectual property interests and evolution of the domain name secondary market.

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