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.me and you? Be ready for Montenegro domain names!


St. Valentine's day is approaching. Haven't got any gift idea? Maybe you should declare your love or communicate your wishes by acquiring a .me domain name. Why not (this is a suggestion from a colleague...)

However, the registry has not determined a date for registration launch yet. Regarding the NIC.ME rules, dot me will not be submitted to restrictions and domains will contain between 2 to 63 characters. According to the registry evaluation, Go Daddy will act as agent for domain exploitation.

Montenegro, formerly an autonomous region of Yugoslavia, has become an independent state since 2006. Which relation with domain names? According to, "all domains, registered below “.yu” domain and related to registered identities with residence in Republic of Montenegro [...] will be available at least 12 months starting from the day of official delegation of “.me” domain administration to Technical Administrator, i.e. due to final extinction of “.yu” domain". To sum up, your .yu domain name will disappear if you have registered it with an entity established in Montenegro.

Dot me represents a branding opportunity for English speaking countries. With the expansion of social networkings, .me would help web users to make their blog more personal. However, this is not the first time that a registry tries to give an individual aspect to its extension. Registry for .ps (Palestinian territories) has marketed its extension as Personal Sites. The .ps campaign has not been very successful (4,200 .ps domain names at the end of 2006).

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