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Article goes back to Kraft Foods


The domain name, previously owned by Mrs Milka Budimir a french dressmaker, is now going back to the trademark holder Kraft Foods, after 5 years of legal procedures. The french magistrates have confirmed this week a judgment delivered more than one year ago.

In first instance the judges considered Mme Budimir to have made an unjustified use of the notorious trademark Milka, owned by the Kraft Foods company.

The story:

Mrs Milka Budimir was exploiting the website since 2001. It was her son that had offered her this domain name as a gift. Kraft Foods had detected this registration and proposed her an amicable arrangement, consisting in offering her the registration of the domain name instead. Unfortunately for her, Mrs Budimir refused the deal and then Kraft Foods lodged a complaint against her. The fight was fierce between the little dressmaker and the giant food company, but as Milka is only a first name and not the surname of the owner of the dressmaker, it could not be considered as having the same rights as a trademark.

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