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Opening of the FI domain names


FICORA, registry of the .fi domain names in Finland is announcing the opening of the extension (ccTLD) to the private person by the 1st of march 2006. The principle "first arrived, first served" will be applied.

Here are the main points of the opening:

A domain name can be a generic term, nickname or your own name

Persons over the age of 15 can apply for a fi-domain name

Applications for a fi-domain name can be submitted on the Internet via FICORA's Domain Name Service at or via your Internet Service Provider (or usual registrar).

The first registration is for 3 years.

FICORA has the will to prevent any information security threats in advance, and will take the right to revoke fi-domain names that have been applied for on false pretense.

Read the FICORA press release...

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