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Improve the organic visibility of your website in search engines

At Vanksen, our SEO experts accompany SME as well as larger companies in defining, deploying and monitoring your traffic acquisition strategy. Their objective? Improve your visibility in search engines and grow the incoming traffic of your website and, in fine, sales opportunities.

First source of qualified traffic

Generally speaking, SEO is the first source of high quality traffic towards your website. It is therefore essential for your activity and your company to be spotted in search engines results.

Sustainable investment

In SEO, you don’t buy keywords, but they last longer! It is therefore an integrated part of your website, as much as design, UX/UI or even development. Take good care of your SEO strategy and it will deliver in a long-term manner.


The Vanksen SEO team is made of 8 specialists who have developed specific skills and share them with the whole team on a daily basis. This is our strength.
Your SEO Project Manager relies on his skills and those of the rest of the team to provide insightful audits and recommendations for each pillar of an SEO strategy:


Optimizing the structure and code of a website in order to comply with up-to-date technical norms and improve indexation.

HTML/JS code audits, logs analysis, crawl tests and indexation issues have no secret for our technical experts.


Selecting the right words to use in a text and optimizing the source code tags is key. We study your target audience and the potential incoming traffic it can provide.

Following a semantical audit, we define the actions that need to be undertaken to optimize your website. Semantical optimization, content creation and, even the deployment of a complete editorial strategy!


You need to show to search engines that your website is trustworthy. To do so, you need to have as many quality links pointing to your website as possible.

Why create links? To be considered by search engines as a reference on the subjects that matter to your business.

How to create links? Communication campaigns or partnerships for example. There are a lot of levers that can be used to raise the quality of your SEO strategy. And… they could be easier to find that you might think.

THE KEY TO SUCCESS: Consulting and support

Our Project Managers’ mission is to guarantee the success of the project they are in charge of.
Years of practice have thought us how important it is for our clients to understand what’s going on at each and every stage of a project. This is why we make sure you always have someone you can rely on. From the definition of your new strategy to the maintenance process.

Project Management

Workshops and a continuous follow-up of the interactions between developers, designers, UX specialists, project managers, PR managers and SEO experts!

You are revamping your website? You are changing your template? You are updating a topic? These are as many risks as well as opportunities for your SEO ranking.

Performance monitoring

Follow and analyze your SEO ranking evolution based on passed actions in order to guide the strategy towards the right objectives.

We nurture a partnership with Monitorank to daily monitor your keywords on Google, Baidu, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Google Play and many, many other search engines, in France, as well as abroad.


Our SEO experts know how to guide you and will help you make the right choices for your communication strategy. They will, among other things:

  • Help you understand your audience with personas
  • Identify and compare your tone of voice your audience’s
  • Define, with you, an editorial strategy
  • Boost your PM management

And improve many of your SEO levers, internally or with your partners.

SEO watch

Search engines are constantly evolving. Search results pages change appearance, algorithms are modified (HTTPS, Mobile First, Speed Update…) so many criterions to take into account and that can affect your raking even though you made no modification to your website!

Our watch allows us to foresee these events and, therefore, allows us to provide the best recommendations possible to stay on top of the SERPs.

Our results

Thanks to our specialists’ know-how in SEO, our clients gain visibility and sales opportunities.

Citroën France – SEO Strategy

Improve visibility in search engines pages results

TOP 10 visibility on Google

  • Priority segment: +95%
  • Local segment [garage, dealerships + towns]: 88% of overall visibility

Organic traffic

  • More than 5 400 000 visits

Thalassa Sea & Spa – SEO strategy

Catch up with tourism marketplaces, the main digital competitors of the brand


  • Overall: 70% (+337% over the last five years)
  • Priority segment: 82% (+720% over the last five years)
  • Local segment [Thalasso + town]: 65%


Thalassa is, at the moment, the second best actor on the keywords we follow with a 20-point advance over the next competitor.

Autopolis – SEO Strategy revamp

Creating a website in order to maximize the potential of qualified traffic acquisition

TOP 10 visibility on Google

  • Global: +184%
  • New vehicles: +550%

Traffic :

  • +13.3% SEO traffic
  • +157% SEO and SEA traffic

Peugeot – SEO support

Manage the migration of +80 national websites and make sure everything is correct from an SEO and traffic standpoint.

Preparation of teams and processes

  • Technical specs and precautionary tests
  • Definition of a checklist to follow prior to publishing
  • Formation of the client’s teams

Follow-up and results

  • Assembling a SEO checking team
  • Sharing process and communication of migration planning
  • Verification and follow-up for 12 months

Result: the 80 sites maintained or even increased their traffic due to migration 

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