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A full service digital marketing agency


Our experts’ teams, specialized in communication and digital marketing, work in synergy to fully empower your brand using the best digital strategies and tools so it can realize its full potential both locally and globally.
  1. Digital platform

    Building, maintaining and optimizing all your digital platforms and other touchpoints that connect your brand with its users

    Digital platform
  2. Brand design

    Defining relevant brand experiences that are differentiating and long lasting

    Brand design
  3. Performance

    Defining the right mix of tactical digital levers that allow your brand to generate growth

  4. Data & Analytics

    Collecting and analyzing data, and thus basing your strategies on rational metrics

    Data & Analytics
  5. Brand protection

    Developing online security system to protect the integrity of your brand

    Brand protection
  6. Social

    Conceive and deploy your brand community and engagement strategies on social media


This is how our teams of specialists teams (Design, Intellectual Property, e-Reputation, UX, Development, SEO, Paid Media, Analytics, CRO, Social Media) work hand in hand to overcome your challenges whether they be strategic, technical or business related.

We adopt a collaborative approach regardless of the scope of intervention: our strategic advisory and external project ownership teams are your touchpoints for all digital projects to ensure synergy and a holistic vision.

Clients and industries

In over two decades, Vanksen’s experts have worked for all kinds of industries and collaborated with the best brands in the world.

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