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The successful brands of tomorrow will be those which are able to renew themselves by capturing the insights of their digital communities and wider trends, all the while remaining authentic and true to themselves. We can help you define and implement strong, engaging content and activation strategies which generate value for your brand and your communities.

Designing and deploying your social media campaign strategies everywhere

  • Creating a bond between your brand and your audiences.
  • Bringing together your intrinsic values and your communities’ expectations.
  • Making your brand stand out within communities to generate engagement and value, by developing content strategies on the most tactically important networks.

The result is a qualitative, relevant and effective discourse that is also faithful to the brand and which is consistent across all media across the world.

The support and work carried out by the Vanksen team enables us to be the leading French event on Twitter, and to federate ever larger communities on all our channels. The strength of the team that works with us is their ability to listen and gain a perfect understanding of our challenges and players' expectations.
Anne-Sophie Montadier - Communications, Marketing & CSR Director - Paris Games Week

Teams involved

Thanks to our committed and multidisciplinary teams, we create strong, unique, engaging and sustainable brand experiences.

  • Strategic Advisory: whether it's responding to global challenges or simply adapting your social media touchpoints to meet your targets’ new expectations, we define, update and upgrade your content strategies. We do this by working closely with your stakeholders, and by analysing insights from individuals and micro-communities. This brings your brand in line with developments in a legitimate and a non-opportunistic way.
  • Social Media: we bring your brand's editorial line to life and animate it on a daily basis to feed your social touchpoints and nurture the conversation with your communities. We guarantee quality and consistency regardless of the medium or the country, thus ensuring successful international deployment and monitoring, with centralised or non-centralised, global or global/glocal models.
  • Design: we create and adapt brand identities to make them more effective and relevant to communities and social platforms. We define rules of use designed natively for social media and replicable on all the content we produce.
  • Paid Media: because created content must be distributed effectively, we boost our clients' performance by managing sponsorship and social media advertising. Each publication is parameterised and its distribution is optimised according to fine-tuned targeting and performance criteria. The content is also adapted to how each platform functions.
  • Analytics: we monitor the impact made by our content, the engagement of our communities and the performance of our publications thanks to measurement tools, whether they be native or not, choosing which ever suits the client best. The result is a dashboard of KPIs and analysis and decision-making tools that are of strategic use for brands.

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