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Our story and our teams

Our story and our teams

A brief history lesson

Vanksen was founded by pioneers with a passion for the web, and wanted to become key players of this emerging field.  
Our story can be told in 3 main chapters:

Chapter 1: 2001 – 2010

At first, three entities were established:

  • Legitiname, an online brand management agency (SEO, Media, Brand Protection and e-Reputation)
  • Buzz Paradise, an agency specialised in one-to-one marketing, the generation of word of mouth campaigns, and connecting brands with influencers
  • Vanksen / Culture Buzz, a web and buzz marketing agency, with its reputed blog known for interpreting digital trends

Chapter 2: 2010 – 2018

The first decade saw our teams exploring this new environment, building highly relevant knowhow for local and international customers both. This experience enabled management to define the agency’s ambitions. These guided all subsequent decisions regarding how we help brands use digital tools to meet their needs and deliver sustainable business efficiency.

Subsequently, the three entities merged to become Vanksen: a communication and digital marketing agency structured around key expertise: Brand Design, Brand Protection, Social, Digital Platform, Performance and Data & Analytics. We moved on from buzz marketing, which no longer corresponded to our main mission.

This maturing process allowed the agency to build lasting relationships with clients from all sectors, some of whom have put their trust in our agency for more than 15 years.

Chapter 3: since 2018

In 2018, Vanksen joined the Datawords Group , an international, multicultural digital marketing specialist. This move now enables the agency's expertise greater reach towards a global clientele by offering enhanced capacity to support international projects.

Cécile Lorenzini - Managing Director "Digital expertise are increasingly getting specialized, industries are evolving, innovation is accelerating, consumers’ habits are progressing. Brands are expected to facilitate the change."
Armand Lebrun - Managing Director
Vanessa Diemer - Social listening Director
Antoine Forêt - Media Director
Jonathan Gerome - SEO Director
Lucile Gouvernel – Head of Strategic Advisory “Brands requires high levels of expertise from hyper-specialised professionals. Projects keep getting edgier, more complex, more technical…. but we must keep our focus on the big picture to maintain a consistent strategic vision!”
Julien Grossio – Technical Director “To maintain high levels of energy and efficiency, it is important to work with the latest disruptive technology, while communicating about our methods and nurturing a collaborative dynamic.”
Joffrey Martin – Head of Social Media “We are required to generate great content while remaining agile and responsive to evolving trends.”
Samuel Mazars - Data & UX Director
Syndie Rossignol - Project Director
Dino Zara – Head of Design “A strong team features people who take responsibility and in whom I can trust. In a good team, our individual weaknesses are compensated for by the strengths of others. The most important thing is to create synergies when working on projects and in day-to-day life. We spend eight hours a day together, we might as well have some fun while we’re there!”
Guillaume Vion – Head of brand Protection “We have close-knit teams with everyone sharing the full range of tasks. Our mindset is based on the principles of putting the client first and “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid).”