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Clients and industries

Clients and industries

Naturally, every brand wants an agency capable of dealing with industry-specific challenges. Over the past 20 years Vanksen's professionals have served all types of industries: health, FMCG, automotive, hotel & leisure, finance, banking, insurance, energy, luxury…

A continuously increasing number of clients have kept entrusting their challenges to us for more than ten years, proving our teams' ability to adapt to their evolving demands and to always meet their KPIs.

Our offices' strategic locality has enabled us to take on communication and digital marketing challenges alongside top regional and international companies.

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Our customers’ business challenges are more and more turning towards an international scope, which impacts the nature of their digital projects. Therefore, our portfolio is also expanding thanks to European clients but also with North American and Asian brands.

Through these experiences, our teams have gained agility and perspective and were able to reinvent themselves when required in order to remain at the forefront of their expertise.

With steps such as audits and detailed preliminary analysis, our methodology and processes enable us to address even the most unprecedented requests. Strategic and operational assistance is provided on all projects in order to identify critical priorities and mobilize the right skills within our specialized units.

Here are some of our key references:

Healthcare - FMCG - Industry - Automobile
Hotel & leisure - Finance, banking and insurance - Real estate - IT
Luxury - Startup - Wine & alcohol