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Moose Knuckles

How we helped a Canadian winter clothing brand develop its acquisition strategy to help them conquer the European market

Moose Knuckles is a Canadian winter clothing and accessories brand. It is built on deliberately provocative positioning in the North American market, and works with celebrities such as the singer Post Malone and model Emily Ratajkowsky.

The challenge

In 2020 Moose Knuckles chose to address the European market, but its products and the brand were largely unknown there. 

The brand asked Vanksen to create an acquisition strategy in line with its positioning and in phase with Internet users’ behavior.

The objective of our cooperation is twofold: 

  1. Increase awareness of the brand on the very competitive European market 
  2. Increase sales on e-commerce website by optimizing the ROI

The project and its results

To develop visibility, our media team deployed multi-channel campaigns (SEA, YouTube ads, social media ads, Google Shopping, display, retargeting) in three European countries in year 1 and eight in year 3. To maximize the effectiveness of these campaigns with a qualified audience we built personas and purchase paths. These were adapted to each country through the collection and analysis of consumer data. 

In addition to a media presence in guiding thread, our annual support enables to explore new countries or audiences to target, ad formats to suit the possibilities offered by the platforms, levers to test... 

Finally, to maximize performance, it seemed essential to us to create synergies between paid and organic traffic. Our SEO team therefore intervened to technically and semantically optimize the Moose Knuckles e-commerce website. These operations have allowed improved page positioning in organic results. Mechanically, the presence of these pages lowers the acquisition cost.

0%increase in revenue (2023 vs. 2020)

0ROAS (+216% in 4 years)

0% increase in impressions on the Search Console (Jan. 2024 vs. 2023)