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How we developed a social media ecosystem for an insurance group to grow the engagement of their B2B and B2C channels

The French insurance company MACIF merged with AÉSIO Mutuelle to form the Aéma Groupe in 2021.

Aéma Groupe is the 5th largest insurance group in France, giving peace of mind to its 11 million members, subscribers and private and professional customers. It thus meets the insurance and related services needs of 1 in 6 of the French market. 

The group offers all types of insurance, including property, health, personal protection, and life insurance, as well as retirement and asset management products. 

"We wanted to get together to act collectively: that's how this adventure began.” 
Jacques Vandier, Honorary Chairman, CEO of MACIF from 1960 to 1987, and subsequently chair until 1997 when he retired.

The challenge

In 2018, MACIF decided to develop its social media strategy to better target its business and consumer targets.

After having worked with MACIF (including its social solidarity project Diffuz) on SEO and media projects for several years, Vanksen won a call for tender to lead the design and deployment of the group's social media strategy. 

At the time, MACIF did not have a truly structured social media ecosystem. Moreover, it was neither engaging nor sufficiently effective.

The project and its results

Our Strategic Advisory and Social Media teams worked for almost nine months in partnership with MACIF (HR, marketing...) and its brands and entities. These efforts were channelled through numerous workshops, with shape being given to this project gradually over time:

  • 2018 : creation and development of the MACIF ASSURANCES Facebook account, which has been managed by our teams for four years (media, moderation, content creation, definition of an editorial line, calendar of highlights, etc.)
  • 2020: media and social media monitoring for the L'Essentiel by Macif Facebook account (MACIF's branded media blog, aimed principally at members). 
  • 2022: creation of Instagram and TikTok accounts for MACIF ASSURANCES, and the development of their respective communities. This work included the definition of an editorial line and a calendar of highlights, content creation, moderation, paid media and more. 

In addition, Vanksen provided strategic advice on more than 20 of the group's branded accounts, with a view to developing a homogeneous and high-performance ecosystem over time, all in line with MACIF's KPIs.

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