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Guardian Glass

How we developed a social media strategy for a glass manufacturer to raise their visibility and train their teams in social selling

Guardian Glass is one of the world's largest glass manufacturers for architecture, interior, design and transportation applications. One of the many projects they worked on is the Burj Khalifa, covered with 1.8 million square feet of their glass.

The challenge

Guardian Glass needed to develop their business, visibility and website visits from social networks, the main challenge being to engage a B2B target.

They therefore called on Vanksen to launch a new social media strategy and monitor performance.

Their sales teams were also looking for training in social selling to reach their prospects and customers more effectively on social networks and boost their sales.

We are working with Guardian Glass in 3 B2B regions and 2 B2C products (ShowerGuard and the Iberian market for homeowners) to launch a new social media strategy on social networks, representing 16 channels in total.

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0collaborators Guardian Glass trained in the world to integrate social selling (develop their customer portfolio and overall business)

Here are the key stages of our support:

  • Development of a social media strategy for Guardian Glass on 4 channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X, to reach a B2B and B2C target audience in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa.
  • The aim was to be able to reach their main targets according to their presence on the various channels, and to adapt the message to address various experts in building construction: architects, constructors, designers, etc.
  • Guardian Glass' leitmotiv is to be able to accompany their customers in their projects, even the most ambitious ones, while respecting their many stewardship actions, from production, through recycling of water and glass cullets, to delivery.
  • Always with the aim of facilitating collaboration, tools and platforms are made available to their customers and partners so that they can learn more about glass, find out about the latest regulations, facilitate certification, see in a few clicks which glass is the most appropriate for their needs, and get an overview of the rendering of the glass selected according to the luminosity and substrate chosen.
  • Elaboration of social media guidelines for art direction and creation of social media content to share aesthetic, social media friendly visuals and dynamic animations presenting their actions, projects and products.
  • Creation of several Data Studios to track all results in real time and over specific periods.
  • Social selling training over 2 sessions of 120 people for their sales teams, and delivery of a document and training videos on social selling.
  • Creation of LinkedIn posts for employees to feed their accounts with content to showcase their expertise while having engaging, fun and social media friendly formats.