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Fischer 1913

How we developed a local brand's digital experience to generate leads with a multicultural, younger audience

Founded in Luxembourg in 1913 and also present in the greater region, Fischer is a local leader in the bakery market.

The challenge

Fischer made profound changes to modernize its brand and services, remain competitive and continue its digital transition.

To accompany these changes, the website had to evolve and offer users a true digital experience with additional services, such as click and collect.

The project and its results

Vanksen began by working on a digital strategy to reposition the brand. Once this strategy was validated, a strategy of means was imagined by Vanksen, with the website as the main pillar.

Our experts worked on the redesign of the existing site. The main objective was to generate leads from a multicultural and younger audience. Several functionalities were developed for this purpose. In addition, the site was interfaced with specific business APIs, dedicated to stock management for example.

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