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Brand design - Digital platform


How we developed a brand identity for a new company to differentiate it in a competitive market

PARTNRS is a BtoB company created in 2021 offering multiple consulting services (Business Advisory, Tax & Accounting, Digital Solutions, Internal Audit, Risk & Regulatory).

The challenge

Because they position themselves on activities similar to the Big 4, the founders of PARTNRS wanted to bring emphasis on what makes their difference: their company size offers a more humane proximity, it is more flexible and develops tailor-made solutions for its customers. In order to express this, it was necessary to translate their intentions into a brand platform, to create a logo, a signature and a design system capable of embodying their DNA.

PARTNRS therefore asked VANKSEN to develop their identity, their website and multiple print variations to ensure the launch of their business.

The project and its results

  • Our strategic advisory and design teams worked hand in hand with the founders of PARTNRS to bring this project to fruition. Two workshops made it possible to define the brand platform and to understand the visual universe and the scope most suited to the expression of the client's DNA.
  • Creative research in design writing led to the development of a new signature, “Get the edge”, underlining the innovative promise of PARTNRS.
  • The art direction made it possible to animate the only vowel present in the brand's naming to to make it stand out and become even more “noisy” (through 3D, movement, color), thus differentiating the logo mixing up minimalism with a bold touch.

0Kudo Awards (UI, UX, Innovation) at the CSS design Awards

0/10in UI at the CSS design Awards

Graphic charter
Graphic charter: Logo gradient
Graphic charter: Presentation template
Graphic charter: Typography