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Kane Top

How we developed a Chinese fashion manufacturer’s brand platform to better express their sustainability driven success and international business potential

Kane Top is a vertically integrated global fashion supply chain manager and manufacturer. Headquartered in Shanghai China, they are also present in Hong Kong and Vietnam. 

The company was started in 1989 as a leading textile trading. 

Through decades, as the CEO of Kane Top Macy Yau developed a family business mindset and a business family approach. All employees and partners are viewed as key members of a constructive and responsible community.

The challenge

Too busy doing, they never took the time to tell: Kane Top is the first and only sustainability-certified fashion manufacturer in China. The company awarded for its actions on all levels of the 3Ps (people, planet, product) and has reached most of its transitioning goals in advance.

By bringing their brand identity up to speed, Kane Top wished to:

  • Lead by example: to inspire a positive change in its industry (both towards employees, partners and clients)
  • Attract global clients: to prove international brands that Kane Top is the trust-worthy partner they will want to produce their products and designs with

Once the brand identity would be updated, Kane Top could reach global prospects through touch points such as LinkedIn.

The project and results

First, we had to audit the Fashion industry, both the BtoB providers and manufacturers and worldwide BtoC brands. We analyzed their key stakes, their topics, their needs, their trends, scanned the news. We also explored all leading organizations and auditors of sustainable actions to make sure we understood the practices to respect ethically and the lines not to cross. 

We led workshops with Kane Top team to present our learnings and to understand their vision, their values, their personality. We discovered a hardworking, highly energetic, both realistic and optimist organization that reflects its leader. 

The right thing appeared to be putting the emphasis on Kane Top’s vision and spirit instead of using the key words that are directly related to sustainability in the signature or in the symbolisms of the brand. Kane Top believes in serving its clients, partners, industry and community by always choosing to do the right thing as a family business and a business family. That’s the story we knew we needed to tell and that’s what we did.

“We had so much fun working together that it hardly felt like work at all. It’s the first time we worked with a French team and we were blown away, whether it was their professionalism, their creativity from the planning to the research and execution, it by far exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to work with them again.”
Alice Yau