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How we helped a B2B industrial player modernize its website to develop its international business

Founded in 1988, Mydibel is a Belgian potato processor and exporter to over 120 countries.

The challenge

Mydibel had a website with outdated graphics and a technical foundation (Drupal 7) that was reaching the end of its life. Their media center was outsourced to another platform, so the graphic and technical revamp was an opportunity to unify the user experience on a single platform.

Although the site is aimed at a B2B target audience (it is necessary to go through a sales manager for any transaction), Mydibel was keen to present its catalog by having in mind to develop an e-commerce version in the future.

The project and its results

After categorizing the existing content and defining a new tree structure, Vanksen's experts came up with a website offering a fluid, intuitive user experience that gets straight to the point. It allows customers and potential customers to discover products in a more efficient and accessible way. The pages give space to moments of life and sharing around the brand's products.

The design system was developed in line with the brand's graphic charter, while developing an image suited to e-commerce.

The site has been developed in 4 languages (French, English, Dutch and Spanish). Additional languages are planned in the future.
The technical foundation, Drupal 9 commerce, was chosen to anticipate future developments, while remaining easy to use for webmasters.

A media center has been integrated into the platform to enable Mydibel to categorize the documents they wish to make available to their sales staff and partners. They can manage access to this private space independently.

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