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How we surveyed digital and user opinions for the world leader in electrical systems to extract key insights feeding their strategy on future trends and how to address them while meeting the expectations of their European consumers.

The world leader in electrical installation systems and electronic products, the Legrand Group and its 80 brands offer their products to homeowners and construction professionals in over 90 countries.

The challenge

With the continual emergence of new technologies in both real and digital societies, the Legrand group is keen to understand the views and opinions of European consumers on a range of subjects, from Web3 to the connected home.

The project and its results

Together with the Group, we explored the various topics of interest to them, combining our expertise in SEO, Social Listening, UX, and Consulting with the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data from digital sources (provided initial insights and avenues, feeding into Social Listening expertise in their exploration of consumer opinions and views expressed on the open web). These initial digital insights were then compared with user opinions through surveys.

This large-scale exploration covered data from five European countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and both Flemish and Walloon Belgium) to identify both similarities and particularities specific to each culture. 

This exploration helped better identify the barriers as well as the concerns of consumers on the various topics questioned. Based on this, we finally produced a comprehensive synthesis and established the forward-looking strategy and marketing roadmap to address these concerns.

0M+data analyzed using our tools and our experts' analysis

0users questioned in 5 different European countries (France, Belgium FR/NL, Italy, Germany and Spain)