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Topaze Shopping Center

How we implemented a Social Media strategy for a luxembourgish shopping center to establish and extand its visibility while retaining its community loyalty

Created in 1994, Topaze Shopping Center is located in the geographical center of Luxembourg. Its clientele is reflective of the country's population and encompasses a wide range of targets.  

The challenge

Topaze Shopping Center wanted to assert its image and online presence through its social networks, in order to better promote its actions and brands to its target audiences.


The project and its results

Before undertaking any operational action, we talked to all Topaze Shopping Center stakeholders to understand the center, its history and DNA, as well as its business and communications challenges. This enabled us to identify its needs, objectives and target audiences.

As a result, we were able to co-build a social media strategy aligned with the brand's identity, values, strengths and weaknesses.

We were then able to deploy this strategy through daily operational support (content creation, publishing, mediatization, moderation), by involving the various teams concerned (Consulting, Design, Media, Social Media ...). This allows us to ensure optimal and constant visibility for the Topaze on social medias where its targets are, ensuring a real return on investment.

With content quality and authenticity at the heart of our strategy, the team visits the shopping center twice a month for photo and video capture. These tailor-made productions provide hot content that can be used over the medium term and throughout the year, while remaining reactive and flexible. In this way, we have been able to effectively correlate our content with Topaze news. 

A mediatization strategy has also been set up to support and reinforce the visibility of our content in several well-defined catchment areas, to reach each target (loyalty, prospecting, conversion) in a relevant and precise way, according to the objectives and themes addressed by the different types of content.

0Kincrease in the number of fans on Facebook and Instagram (october 2023 vs. october 2022)

0Kincrease in monthly impressions on Facebook and Instagram (october 2023 vs. october 2022)

0Kincrease in social interactions on Facebook and Instagram (october 2023 vs. october 2022)