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Afflelou BELUX

How we supported an optician in the belgian and luxembourgish market to develop its paid media and social media strategy to become a major player in the optical and hearing sector

The AFFLELOU Group is one of Europe's leading franchisors of optical products and hearing aids.

The challenge

Strong of its international success and presence in 19 countries, Alain Afflelou confirms its determination to strengthen its visibility on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets by choosing Vanksen to support it in its social media and paid media strategy adapted to local specificities. The aim is to become a key player in this sector by taking advantage of the reputation already acquired, and to develop the drive to store. .

The project and its results

Based on its brand positioning and the specific characteristics of the belgian and luxembourgish markets, Vanksen has built a complete editorial strategy in coherence with the brand's editorial line and tone of voice. 
We created a release schedule considering key calendar themes and highlights. Vanksen manages the Facebook, Instagram and X pages, and we handle the distribution and moderation of the French and Dutch accounts. 
At the same time, we developed a Paid Media plan for the performance of campaigns (Google Ads and Social Ads) in target markets, based on the different commercial offers and highlights of the year. .

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