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AluK International

How we developed a social media strategy for a key player in the aluminum sector to increase its awareness and engagement

Founded over 70 years ago, AluK is a major player in the aluminium construction systems sector and currently operates in 10 countries. More than 2,600 customers in over 50 countries around the world have been served by the brand.

The challenge

AluK International wanted a digital presence to target both its B2B and B2C customers. As a key player in the aluminium industry, the brand needed an online presence to match its reputation in the sector. It therefore turned to Vanksen to build a digital strategy from scratch to gain visibility among its various targets.

The project and its results

Understanding the brand's identity and values was the first step in proposing an authentic and relevant editorial strategy. Identifying the different target audiences was also crucial in order to know which social networks to position the brand on.

Following this analysis, we built editorial pillars for each social channel based on the type of content we wanted to promote. Thus, we created AluK International's Facebook and LinkedIn pages in 2020, in the context of a global pandemic. After just a few months, the respective pages had grown considerably, with +66% fans 5 months after the launch of the Facebook page and an average of 26K users reached per month, and +43% followers on LinkedIn and an average of 28.5K users reached per month. In 2021, we created the brand's Instagram account. After four years, we have a strong B2B presence on LinkedIn, with over 10K followers and 54K impressions per month on average. The B2C target has also grown thanks to a weekly presence on Facebook and Instagram and aspirational content. This collaboration with the brand has also enabled Vanksen to provide social media support to one of their Business Units: AluK France.

0+Monthly average increase of fans on LinkedIn

0%Average engagement rate on Instagram

0%Average engagement rate on Facebook (the average on the platform is 2 to 3% across all sectors)