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Pierre Fabre

How we created content adapted to online search insights for three care and well-being brands in order to allow them to anchor their legitimacy against a continuously increasing competition

The Pierre Fabre Group is a French group with dual expertise in pharmaceuticals and dermocosmetics. Present in 43 regions around the world, the Pierre Fabre Group and all its brands offer a global approach to healthcare: prevention, treatment, support. A cross-functional, innovative approach to healthcare, attentive to the needs of patients and partners alike.

The challenge

Just like the Group, the Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane and René Furterer brands are all creators of high-quality body care products. They don't just only solutions. They also provide content and expert advice to guide consumers in the right application of their product, in order to maximize the results, they will obtain as well as their user experience.

Each day, new competing brands emerge and surf on the growing demand for increasingly technical and “clean beauty” products. The brands of the Pierre Fabre Group must therefore maximize the effectiveness of their digital communication in order to emerge on these topics on which they have unrivaled legitimacy.

The project

Our SEO teams detect the key themes and expressions sought by consumers. The goal: designing the right content that fits the current expectations of Internet users and to present the brands’ products in the light of this information.

Based on this research, our copywriting teams optimize existing texts, and carry out in-depth editorial design in search for the right "tone of voice", the right editorial line, while always integrating the highest performing keys words.

… and its results

As a result, the brands’ content is adapted to the reality of the consumer, and thanks efficient SEO tactics the brands reach their targets, emerge and fully affirm their unique value propositions.