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Applications and websites according to your business’ needs

Vanksen accompanies your company through the conception, creation, deployment and maintenance of your web applications.
Revamp or deployment?
Put your trust in our development teams and gain in performance and agility.

A team of experts

With more than 10 years of experience ready to serve your ambitions, our team, based in Luxembourg, guarantees a perfect understanding of your needs et accompanies you through every step of your project using the latest technologies available.

An agile and pragmatic approach

A proof of concept?
Development using agile methodology?
A turnkey app?

We offer tailor-made, evolutionary solutions in accordance with your projects’ requirements and your budget while adapting our methodology to your availability.

Open-source technologies

  • No license costs or hidden costs. Our productions allow you to easily foresee development and maintenance costs at short, mid and long-term. 
  • Benefit from the knowledge of a vast community of developers to allow to full customization of your project while keeping a safe and robust framework solution.

Our open-source solutions

Every project is unique. At Vanksen, we think the tools should adapt to the clients’ needs and not the other way round. In this regard, we focus of several technical skills based on open-source solutions.


  • Genuine development framework while being a simple and modular CMS as well, Drupal allows us to create safe, robust, evolving and flexible applications and websites.
  • Our team is made of Drupal experts who gained their skills and experience through hundreds of projects.


  • A perfect go-to solution and genuine e-commerce project kickstarter, Magento allows us to quickly create multi-channel selling strategies while offering an optimal shopping experience.
  • Our certified developers team put their skills at your service to guarantee your project’s success.


Your project needs some specific accompaniment and development processes? The Symfony framework was made to fulfill this purpose. It’s THE developer’s toolbox. It allows him to offer a working methodology and a large panel of standardized components. Many open-source projects are based on the Symfony Framework such as Drupal and Magento.

Two varieties of experts at your service

Web development has changed quite a bit since the first static pages, coded in HTML. Nowadays, with plenty of frameworks (CSS/Javascript) and CMS platforms more evolved than ever, it has become mandatory to be specialized in order to constantly innovate and respect the industry’s highest technology standards. To do so, we offer:

Front-end development

In charge of the “conversion” of wireframes into exploitable formats, the Front-end Developer is the bond between creative teams and back-end developers. He/she makes a daily technology watch in order to always implement the latest techniques and develop modern and dynamic interfaces.

Back-end development

The back-end developer is in charge of the functional part of the web production. He/she masters frameworks and CMS PHP. He’s the maker of the functional engine of your applications!


Initial development or platform revamping, our productions allow you to reach new objectives.

AUTOPOLIS / website revamping on Drupal 8

In an age where fewer consumers visit car dealerships, Autopolis had to find a way to nurture its relationship with its target marketers through digital technologies.

10k visits in 5 days

during Black Friday – 0.60€ CPV

+100 leads

114€ CPL – 75 vehicles sold

+30% visibility on Google’s first page of results

but also: +40% SEO traffic, 17k users engaged per month on Facebook and 7% of average engagement rate

ACORIS Mutuelles/ website revamping on Drupal 8

Objective: Digitalizing the ACORIS brand by transforming its current digital ecosystem so it becomes an effective contact point  and represents the company’s values. In this highly-competitive environment, the objective was to make ACORIS visible to its target markets as well..

A responsive Website

that respects WCAG 2.0 standards

+ 1700% mentions

in four months

+ 1332 Facebook

fans in four months

NPY / Platform revamp on Drupal 7

Nouvelles Pyrénées, e-commerce website selling ski passes and journeys in the Pyreneans, wished to revamp their website to reinforce its positioning, foster travel and improve the user experience.

304 238 unique visitors

Equals to +27% visitors compared to the previous year

620 836 visits

Equals to +42% compared to the previous year

5 page views per session

and a bounce rate of 35%

TANGO // click and collect developed on Drupal 7

Go-to internet provider and phone carrier, TANGO wishe to reinforce its website to bring it up-to-date and represent the brand’s values.

Multilingual, responsive e-commerce website
  • Development of a multilingual, responsive e-commerce website targeting both private individuals and professionals 
  • Strategic accompaniment 
  • Definition of multiple UX users journey based on each typology of target
  • SEO optimization 

Confidential results

Our references

We love our clients and they trust us. 

PSA, NPY, Tango, Onduline, Guardian Glass, Acoris Mutuelles, ...

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