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Optimize your domain names management strategy

Your domain names strategy is often spread across many departments within your company (Marketing, Communication, IT, Legal…).
Vanksen analyzes every domain name related to your brand, registered or not, and analyzes how these domain names are used. We then offer strategic recommendations in order to maintain the safest digital environment for your brand (registration, recovery, surveillance, abandon…)

Domain names status

Corporate, legitimate, typo-squatted, cyber-squatted… Our IP team accompanies your company and makes recommendations on what actions should be undertaken. 

Your domain names

Vanksen analyzes your assets and makes recommendations for the centralization, harmonization and optimization of your domain name management strategy.

Available domain names

Vanksen provides recommendation on both offensive and defensive strategies.

Key indicators of our analysis

Who is the holder?
Dates of registration and expiry
Technical setup and MX servers presence (possible scam emails senders)
Every element relative to each individual domain name is analyzed

Vanksen accompanies your company and its domain names management strategy

Domain names recovery

Loss of traffic, notoriety, sales revenues… a hijacked domain name registered by a third party can lead to a serious prejudice for your company. Vanksen analyzes your prior rights and accompanies your company in the recovery process of your claimed domain names. 

Domain names management

Domain names are your brand strategy reflection on the Internet and are part of your company’s assets. Vanksen provides recommendation on both offensive and defensive strategies. 

Domain names registrations surveillance

By replicating your brand in contents or within domain names, a non-legitimate party spoils your brand from some of the traffic and notoriety it deserves. This sometimes can be pushed even further when hijackers start contacting people on your behalf without your consent or even without you knowing. Identifying fraudulent registrations will help you terminate these scams. 

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